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Career History

Graphic Designer

Jan 2021 - April 2021

Main responsibilities include working wtih deadlines to submit graphic design work, give and receive feedback, lead team meetings and working with other team leaders to keep company's structural order.

Key acheivements involve major expansion of portfolio and Adobe software skills.

Reference Letter

Date: Tuesday, 06/04/2021

To whom it may concern:


I am delighted to confirm that Kim Muyano took part in the Work Experience Programme with Amnick Social Enterprise for the following period: 07/01/2021 – 04/04/2021.


We had the pleasure to work with Kim who was one of the best members we had on the programme. He did an excellent job within the Graphics Design Team, by being proactive, enthusiastic and dedicated to deliver quality work on time. He has an open minded personality, characteristic which makes him very easy to work with; be flexible with the requirements and delivery of tasks. Kim was selected as Team Deputy and managed successfully at team of 10-15 people on a weekly basis. Kim delivered inductions, trainings for the new members. Kim managed to develop a professional and friendly work relationship with the team making sure the necessary support is provided.


Kim demonstrated a high level of engagement, reliability and integrity. Kim is punctual, consistent, demonstrating can do attitude and showing initiative. We find Kim very creative and with a good sense of understanding the customer’s requirements. He was producing one of the best graphics design work.


Kim is always willing to offer him assistance and he had an excellent rapport with our team members. Kim has excellent communications skills, he is organised, reliable and makes sure that all works gets done to high standards.


I highly recommend Kim Muyano as a valuable candidate for employment.


For further information I can be reached at 07914419117, or send an email to



Julia Chiperi

Business Development Manager

Amnick Social Enterprise

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