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Fashion Design Blog #1

I have always been interested in fashion, most particularly women's fashion, I think there are plenty of boundaries yet to be crossed and I want to put my part-time creative energies into designing clothes that are different.

Although I have expressed my interest in it, I don't actually know much about the fashion world, it's something so vast and that makes the topic quite scary. Where do I even begin?

I decided a few years ago to dabble in women's fashion design, but it's only now I got the opportunity to document what I'm presently up to. I decided on a technique to practice my skills of design composition, I have a set of STABILO fine liner pens all in a myriad of colours, what I would do is choose 3 random coloured pens (3 because I am one of 3 siblings) and no matter how much the colours seemingly clash, I would find ways to make them work, because I truly believe that anything can "go" in terms of the design world, it's in the eyes of the designer/artist to make any colour work with each other.

One of my self-taught doctrines is to believe in your design, if you don't then who will, right? And who knows, there may be others out there who can see your vision, not everyone is going to get what you see and that's OK, but most importantly is that you start! It doesn't matter how unskilled you are to begin with, if you put time and effort you will most likely see results.

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